The Professor of Hypnosis



Introducing Hypnotini: Comedy, Magic, and Hypnosis Combined!

Transform your event with Hypnotini’s unique blend of comedy, magic, and hypnosis. Our performances are tailored to delight your guests, whether at small private parties, wedding receptions, or grand-scale events. Hypnotini enchants, entertains, and ensures your event is unforgettable!

Booking Hypnotini guarantees you’ll shine as the host. Our shows are perfect for fundraisers, bridal showers, Ladies’ Day, retirement community functions, nightclubs, stages, or corporate events.

Rest assured, no one will cluck like a chicken, but they will be unleashed in fun, creative, and hilariously silly ways! Watch as balloons turn into two-foot spheres of solid gold, hear raps in Martian, and see scarves transform into “Invisibility Cloaks.” The imaginative participants bring unexpected surprises to the stage, keeping everyone on their toes.

Join us aboard the party ship, the Santa Margarita, for an evening of entertainment and enlightenment. Both the audience and the lucky stars on stage will have an unforgettable time!

A certified hypnotherapist as well, Hypnotini is about empowering people. And at the end of every event, Hypnotini adds in a “hypnotic gift” that helps people unleash their star potential in all parts of their lives.
Where Classic and Comedy Connect in a Fun Filled Time with The Great Hypnotini.