The Great Hypnotini

Comedy, Magic and Hypnosis

Stage, corporate and fundraising events.

A new take on the old tradition of the tuxedoed entertainer; the stage hypnotist that amuses the audience, exploring their incredible imaginations through the power of hypnosis!
Nobody becomes a chicken, but they are unleashed in fun, creative and often downright silly, ways!
Balloons become two foot spheres of solid gold.  Rapping in Martian…or Dog, Cat or Hamster!
And everyone has a great time aboard the party ship, the Santa Margarita!
Entertaining and enlightening for both the audience and those lucky enough to be the stars on stage!
A certified hypnotherapist as well, Hypnotini is about empowering people. And at the end of every event, Hypnotini adds in a “hypnotic gift” that helps people unleash their star potential in all parts of their lives.

Where Classic and Comedy Connect in a Fun Filled Time with The Great Hypnotini.