Passover Program Questions

Hi Shlomo!

Thought it would be easier to just send this as a form on a website.

And of course, we can always talk/text on the phone as necessary.

I really have researching Passover as well as the Orthodox branch of Judaism and want to make sure I keep it between the lines, even as we skirt them a bit!

After all…I want you to look good as everyone has an amazing and memorable, fun time!

(I actually did a private event a few months ago for three Orthodox couples, so I gained some insight there!)

I will not be setting up a merchandise table after all, though I’ll have my business cards and contact cards in back.

Also, I will be setting up a video camera to record the event, so I’ll post that information on the door.    Usually I take a couple snippets for my promokit and then make an edited version available for the show volunteers at no cost on DVD.

My insurance company pretty much requires it and if there are concerns, we can address them as well before the show.

I’m looking forward to Monday!    It will be an amazing time 😉

All the best always,

-Dennis  aka The Great Hypnotini

So here are my questions.